nemsenkilény (notanobodycreature) – Enikő Börcsök’s evening
12 September 2010 19:00
Third Theatre of Pécs / Pécsi Harmadik Színház (Pécs, Hajnóczy utca 41.)

“The term ‘autism’ derives from the word “authos” /self/. Every person is their own self. The logical conclusion would be to say that everybody is autistic. Since that is impossible, I don’t get this thing.” (Diary excerpt) The monodrama entitled Notanybodycreature presents the everyday life, the joys, successes and failures of people living with autism through their personal accounts and diaries. Using texts from Seth F. Henriett, Mark Haddon, Donna Williams and Birger Sellin, Enikő Börcsök will be talking about something very important, something “mysterious”, that is, about autism.
Organiser: Hungarofest Nonproft Ltd
Ticket Price: Ft 1,200
The performance is in Hungarian.